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PlaySafe Lawn Care

Lawn care so safe, you can buy it at a pet store!

90% of Pet parents say they want a green attractive lawn.   70% of these pet owners either worry about their use of lawn  chemicals, or they apply nothing due to their health concerns.    For you, we deliver a really green lawn.  For your pet, we focus on safety, and leave out the harmful chemicals and waste products.

Ask about our Green Guarantee

Our products are true performance organics.  We will perform as well, or better than traditional products — or your money back.  Period.

Use our Weed & Grass Control and relax.   Certified Organic for Garden and lawn use, it works fast AND leaves no toxic residue on the grass or in the soil to affect your dogs as others do…

Our premium performance, non-toxic, lawn fertilizer is 100% natural and organic — extending your pet’s healthy lifestyle well beyond the food bowl.  Traditional fertilizers don’t disclose everything that’s in their bag, and design their products to remain in tact on your pet’s lawn for up to six weeks.  Through fertilizer season that’s a lot of time for the dog to lay in those chemicals, for residue to stick to their fur and end up on your hands, in your bed, etc.

Trust us to protect your pet when the snow falls too.  Our liquid ice control product revolutionizes the category by eliminating crystals that stick to pet’s paws.   Before the snow falls, just pour (or spray) on sidewalks, steps, and decking to simplify snow removal.  No pet product works at a lower temperature, or uses safer ingredients.  While others hide ingredients from their label and use dangerous glycols and fertilizer to melt ice, we use pet friendly inputs that cause no harm to the environment, to deck fasteners, and greatly reduce the freeze / thaw cycle that damages concrete.


Lawn Care meets Pet Care

Pets can track chemicals into the house.

Pets can track chemicals
into the house.

 Chemicals on fur can cause hot spots.

Chemicals on fur can
cause hot spots.

Licking paws & eating grass

Licking paws & eating grass.